The wild child is exercising due caution, monitoring CDC guidelines, and have our employees staying at home.  Our stores are open for delivery and curbside pickup.  The owners are at the stores and able to help for those wanting to come in, we are keeping it limited to one customer at a time to maximize everyone's safety.  Call us at either location or on cell 312-735-0222 and let us know how we can help!  We can take orders over the phone and even Facetime to select items that can be delivered to your door. You can email us as well!

We are not Amazon, and we don't want to be.  We are local toy stores who can make recommendations, answer questions and give you a customized experience no computer algorithm can ever match.

We are at the heart of our community  and here to help our neighbors and friends.  We can all support one another through this difficult time if we work together.  Be safe, let us know how we can help!

Gretchen & Matt Miller

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